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What to do in Albania

The endless natural resources, the relief, the climate and the sea coasts have turned Albania into a favorite destination for many tourists, while during the last years, the trend of foreigners or Albanian immigrants, who were go to dental clinics.

Dental treatments are expensive services, especially in Western Europe and the USA. And precisely for this, the concept of Dental Tourism was born, a concept which is no longer a new thing, but a practice that has been followed for a long time in many countries. Patients travel to different countries to get a lower cost dental service. And of course the experiences you've encountered may not always have been the best, but we have a simple mission when it comes to Dental Tourism: We aim to give you an unbeatable service in terms of quality and cost.

Our goal is an affordable dental service, all delivered in specialized formats, tailored for today's savvy traveler. The costs of dental services depend on where you live. However, quality standards are not affected. A good quality treatment does not depend on the economic level of the country where you receive the treatment, but on the quality level of the clinic where you receive it. We aim to offer an economical price while maintaining quality intact.

Regarding the Marine Tourism service, in ALBDENT you will find:

  • Conception and Programming of your entire period of stay in Albania (airline tickets, hotel reservation, programming of cultural visits to various tourist facilities)
  • Transfers Airport-Hotel-Airport and Hotel-Hospital-Hotel
  • Tourist assistance during the entire stay in Albania
  • Flexible schedule of visits and dental services
  • Medical assistance even after the period of departure from Albania via telephone, e-mail or video-conferences

Tirane, Albania

Fier, Albania